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Design for a Common Language

The So What

The So What is a comprehensive guide to giving presentations that matter. Organized into six overlapping sections, The So What helps you find your story, build the presentation around it, and deliver it in a clear, concise, and confident way.


Additionally, the second edition (2020) includes information on ensuring that your presentation takes into account questions of social justice and power dynamics, guidelines on team / group presentations, and practical advice on adapting presentations to the virtual environment. 

I was responsible for the concept, the writing, design, and layout. Many people at Guilford College and beyond were involved in the project. Among them: Diya Abdo, Hollis Akins, Aleks Babić, Katie Collier, Melissa Daniel, Mark Dixon, Stephanie Hargrave, Heather Hayton, Melanie Lee-Brown, Christian Matheis, Vance Ricks, Beth Ritson, Maria Rosales, Kathryn Shields, Karen Spira, Robin Vest, and Antoine Williams. Vance Ricks, Maria Rosales, Kathryn Shields, Karen Spira, and Colleen Trimble.

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